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Engineering Solutions

Don’t let an engineering problem choke your business.

Have you experienced:

  • An engineering problem that caused significant slow down in production?
  • Brought your production to a grinding halt?
  • Do you have an idea but need an engineering solution to take it forward?
  • Do you have a recurring engineering problem with machinery?
  • Are you looking to design a bespoke piece of machinery?

If any of the above apply to you, you’ve arrived at the right place.

With over 30 years experience in successfully solving engineering problems, Barry Jordan the founder of Wymac Development is here to help you get unstuck and move forward quickly.

Barry has a remarkable way of thinking outside of the box and a forensic approach to breaking down perceived problems and finding solutions to engineering and machinery problems.

Please read Barry’s biography here…   Barry Jordan

If you have an engineering challenge Barry would be delighted to hear from you.



How It Works

Simply contact Barry and he will arrange to telephone you at a convenient time to discuss your engineering problem and gain a general overview of the situation you face.

If you both agree that it is possible that Barry can help you further, he will make an appointment to meet with you on site and view your machinery and discuss the problem in detail and first hand.

From there Barry will offer advice, guidance and recommendations for the way forward… you never know he may even roll his sleeves up and fix it for you!

This initial problem diagnostic  and on site examination is free and then Barry charges a fee for his recommendation and advice thereafter.

Barry is someone you can trust to work with you confidentially and apply a great deal of thought, imagination, creativity and care into your problem and provide you with a realistic solution.

Please contact Barry Jordan here.


Details of the Copper Commutator Rolling Line

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