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Producer of high quality stainless, galvanized, copper, steel, stranded or coated sealing wire

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Wymac Development.  The number one choice for Copper & Steel Galvanized, Coated or Stranded Sealing Wire,

There is no substitute for personal contact  and we strive to make our service personal.  For over 30 years we have built our sealing wire business focused on delivering high quality sealing wire and outstanding service. 


Operations Director and Business Development.

Simon Jordan


Simon is totally committed to ensuring the highest level of customer service and product quality.

Simon concentrates on developing the business and looking for ways to improve customer service.

He believes in direct communications and makes himself available to deal with specific customer sealing wire enquirers he often picks up the phone to talk direct with customers.





Barry Jordan


Barry founded the business and today is as committed to further expansion, new product initiatives.

Barry also provides bespoke engineering solutions.






 Here is his story

Apart from a brief period as a project and development engineer with BOC Barry spent the rest of his career within the wire industry in various forms.

Barry’s  father was chief engineer with John Rigby & Sons until on the retirement of John Rigby in 1971 the company was sold to Johnson Nephew who chose to sell parts of the company was and close the remainder.

Barry joined Vaughn Crossley in Cleckheaton as a development engineer and visited Vaughn Machinery the parent company in USA. Projects included, taper flange spooler multihead galvanising line take up for south africa , loopro laying head for British Ropes, flux cored welding wire line for BOC.

He spent a period with BOC then joined Vaughn Machinery in USA again as development engineer. Mitchelin had introduced the steel cord tyre and Goodyear & Firestone needed to catch up. Projects included a brand new 7 strand bunching machine for steel tyre cord, introduction UK style fine wire wet drawing machine. Increased speed multiblock drawing machine. He also worked alongside the Loopro team who were at the early stages of it’s development.

Vaughn Machinery was sold to Wean United who were in the heavy steel industry machinery so with a recession in that field all development at Vaughn Machinery stopped and Barry was made redundant and returned to UK.

After a short period of time he returned to BOC as project development engineer but with the early 80′s recession redundancy struck again. At this stage he formed my own company Wymac Development with the intention of building special purpose sealing wire machinery, and produce high quality sealing wire for the security seals industry, floristry and jewellery market.  He was aware of a solution to layer winding for welding wire spooling but with no track record of running a company he could not raise capital to do that.

Wire Rope Machinery Co. Cleckheaton built a radical machine guided by his father to re-form copper motor commutator sections for Nelco Commutators in Farnham   (Web info It appears they have been taken over in France). He commissioned this machine.

Barry was able to design and build a staple sealing wire rolling machine Rexel in Llangeinor near Bridgend. The market for machinery was limited but Envopak had bought Rigby sealing wire machinery from Johnson but were not managing to run it profitably so he bought it and started supplying sealing wire which we have concentrated on and developed since.



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